Your kids can strees

The period of the baby's growth and development is the moment that the mother desires since your baby is still in the womb. Mother wants to always give the best, including about matters of parenting. Of course this is fine, Bun. It's just that, have you routinely consulted a pediatrician or your mother about parenting that you applied? Especially new mothers, many may equip themselves by reading a lot of parenting books. In fact, the implementation doesn't always work. Instead of making your child feel comfortable, the wrong parenting actually triggers stress.

For example, such a case where a mother applies a BLW or Baby Led Weaning system to her child. If it is not done properly, the BLW system will only make children 'miserable', Bun. Or invite your child to be involved in the activities of his parents. Bun, consider again about this one. As toddlers, they have the right to rest and have their own time to play, you know. Don't because of the reason you want to introduce it to the world, but make you forget about your rights as a toddler. Because if the rights are taken away, obviously the baby will be stressed.

Quoting suggestions from the Kids Health website, if your child already feels stressed, not only does the pattern of care need to be changed, but there are also handling tips that you need to do, you know.


As with adults, young children who are experiencing stress or feeling depressed need to be guided to take a deep breath. When stress comes, get your child to sit in a quiet place, then breathe slowly through the nose. Then ask your child to hold their breath for at least five seconds. Then direct the baby to slowly blow through the mouth. Do this for five times and let your child feel for themselves 'therapy' which can make him much more relieved.

When stressed, the muscles in the body of the little one will also stiffen. If this happens, teach your child to clench his fist hard and hold it for 5 seconds. If necessary, Mother also clenched her fists while showing an expression of restraint. Then, release the fist slowly. This will guide him so much more relaxed and his muscles are not tense.

Try Mother, get your child to close his eyes and imagine things that are fun, for example eating ice cream or playing in his favorite place. When imagining this wonderful thing the stress level in your little one will slowly decrease. Next, it was Mother's turn to invite her to chat carefully and try to restore her mood as usual, Bun.

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